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Our focus is everything that makes!

Recovery is not just for the athlete, it's not even for the physical body alone! 

Love who you are. Learn what you are.

 Enjoy where you are. Know why you are!

My name is Evan! I look forward to helping you on your adventures! Through specified body work, for your individual and circumstantial needs, I aim for excellence in your performance! 

I have been practicing Massage/Body Work for over 18 years, and studying the body and varying modalities for over 20. I am and always will be a student of the human body.  I graduated from Myotherapy College of Utah, and continued on to master in Medical and Oncology Massage Therapy. For over 5 years I practiced at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital, at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Ut. I practiced in-patient oncology massage for the amazing patients there, and attempting to relieve (if even for a brief time) the physical and emotional pains of cancer. 

Before my time there I worked with athletes of all calibers and varying sports.  I have enjoyed years of experience with; Triathletes, Marathoners, Ultra Marathoners, Soccer, Hockey as well as NCAA football,basketball, gymnastics and dance. I specify in injury, injury prevention and recovery with the active individuals. 

I have a combined 10 years of Pre-med, Engineering and Athletic Therapies studies. I started at the Salt Lake Community College, moved up the the U of U after 2 years, and completed my studies at Weber State University. Like I mentioned before, I love learning, especially when it pertains to the functional dynamics of the human body. 

 I have also certified in Kenisiotaping as a CKTP for KTAI (Kenisio Taping Association International). This has been loads of fun and has added a much desired effect for my patient and client continued Lymphatic, Supportive and Corrective Dynamic needs.   

I have also recently begun to teach for MyoTherapy College of Utah, as well as continued to learn so much more in the arts of mobility and kinesiology  training/therapy. It has been an exponential help for the clients I have had the pleasure to work on. 

I am confident in my education and training, and that through it, and my extensive hands on assessments and therapies applied over the years. I know I can help you with your body work needs. I am also happy to direct you to the best information with short and long term options for your extended active lifestyle! 

In this last 5 years, I have worked with Lifetime Fitness, becoming a regional educator for their Body Work program. I have enjoyed this role immensely, educating the other amazing Massage Therapists around the nation, and perpetuating growth in our industry!

  I invite you to come see me at this new location. 

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