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Regular care and self maintenance provides optimal outcomes for your lifelong goals. Don't let the, "oil in your motor run dry."

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A Unique Approach

Much like the maintenance of any machine, we too must be maintained for longer, happier and more fulfilling lives. 
But we have new problems, strains and forces working against us that change daily. So your self care should as well. A therapist who seeks to know what the body is going through day to day, and find what can help you correct and move forward, or recover and reach your goals is invaluable. 
Back Massage

Exclusive deals for Sal-Sano members!

Tier 1

$80 per month 

One 60 minute massage with any of our amazing therapists

$10 off 2 float sessions in the month

Share with 1 individual

Sport ready compression use 

and more...

Tier 2

$200 per month 

Two 60 minute massages and one float; or 4 floats

$20 off any additional floats in the month

Share with 2 individuals

Sport ready compression and shiatsu machine use

and more...

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